Listen Live! Texas Business Radio Interview Sinclair Group’s CEO Terry Welch

Sinclair Group’s very own CEO, Terry Welch, will be interviewed on the Texas Business Radio program this weekend. This weekend, you can catch the radio interview at Saturday evening on KPRC Houston or Sunday at 11:00 AM on KTRH Houston. Texas Business Radio Interviews Terry Welch

Check out the following locations and times:

  • KPRC AM950 Houston – 6PM Saturdays
  • NewsRadio 740 KTRH Houston – 11AM Central Sundays
  • iHeartRadio – 6PM Saturdays KPRC, 11AM Sundays KTRH
  • iTunes – On Demand

Thank you to Texas Business Radio for the opportunity to share our view of why and how we unlock insights that transform businesses.

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