Sinclair Group is rigorously disciplined in following our proprietary 5-phase process in order to achieve the desired results. And we stay with our clients through implementation to ensure the transformation is entrenched and sustainable.

At our core we are passionate about radical transformation and extraordinary results. We have tremendous pride of ownership and want to see our work live on and continue to benefit our clients through change that is sustainable. We believe if you need your performance management consultancy team to return two years after implementation to reboot the organization—the transformation was not a success. By employing our InsightIQ model, and balancing the 4 quadrants throughout assessment, solution design, training and implementation, we can guarantee a positive shift in your organizational culture, ensuring your results will be sustainable. And we stand shoulder to shoulder with you the entire process to ensure we have achieved your definition of success. We call this 5-phase approach the “Rapid Transformation® process.”


  • Incorporating all four quadrants creates transformation that is sustainable
  • Transformation team revisits three to six months to a year after implementation
  • Sustainability assessment is conducted to ensure changes in processes and behaviors have been implemented properly
  • Heavily metrics driven, results are measured to ensure continued success