The Sinclair Group’s solution design phase is a true differentiator—more robust than competitors’ and with a well-defined methodology supported by proprietary process and intellectual property.

Sinclair Group designs transformation plans collaboratively with our clients to achieve extraordinary results. We are not in the game of incremental improvement. Rather, we are driven to achieve exponential gains far beyond what is expected. We guide leadership to see things differently and stretch their vision of what is possible. And together we meet collectively with all operational levels to ensure everyone understands their role in the implementation to follow. Sinclair Group’s proprietary processes and intellectual property include an Executive Leadership Workshop that provides the structure, data and hands-on training for senior executives to own the transformation plan. Using the InsightIQ™ model as a filter, the workshop also includes the popular proprietary Frame Build® session and the 9 Critical Organizational Behaviors® coaching model. The final deliverable of the solution design phase is a detailed and comprehensive roadmap, developed together, outlining action items and their owners. And to create positive momentum while transitioning to the next phase, we build in quick wins early, ensuring you achieve an immediate return on investment.


  • Collaborative approach to the design of the transformation plan solution
  • Solution is for meaningful and sustainable transformation (not incremental)
  • Executive leadership workshop
  • Proprietary Frame Build® session
  • Coaching model for the 9 Critical Organizational Behaviors®
  • Detailed roadmap with built in quick wins