Implementation of a powerful transformation plan is a three-part process with successful adoption contingent upon the quality and effectiveness of knowledge transfer and training.

We believe powerful transformation and meaningful results cannot be achieved and sustained with the delivery of benchmarking data and a voluminous report of recommendations. Transformation requires training the trainers, enabling leadership to own that path forward. It requires mentoring employees and motivating them to embrace the new operational systems and cultural paradigms. We complete comprehensive studies and conduct a gap analysis of Sinclair Group’s 9 Critical Organizational Behaviors® to develop a custom Organizational Behavior Change Plan that will influence the culture towards adoption. And we remain on-site during the “go-live” phase to ensure the new practices and processes are implemented and employees do not revert back to former inefficient behaviors. We meet with leadership daily, and deliver a coaching methodology that they can then cascade down through the ranks.


  • Critical knowledge transfer
  • Behavioral gap analysis to inform the training methodology
  • Custom Organizational Behavior Change Plan to influence culture
  • Organization-wide training and reference materials
  • On-site support to ensure adoption of new practices and processes
  • Coaching methodology for the leadership team, to cascade down the ranks