Highly sophisticated and supported by our multi-industry benchmarking database, the Sinclair Group discovery phase employs our depth of industry experience, proprietary processes, intellectual property and the unique InsightIQ model.

A critical first step, Sinclair Group conducts a thorough assessment to gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization—encompassing the four quadrants of the InsightIQ model plus market context and external factors impacting key performance indicators. Interviews and Profit Potential® assessments with a target sample of employees get to the heart of the unseen. Comparison data analysis and measurement is validated with our robust benchmarking database. We then create a documented business case for the transformation initiative, identifying how to monetize gaps and capitalize on opportunities. A high-level roadmap is designed, demonstrating the path forward. Collaboratively, we reach alignment on an implementation engagement, including scope, financial targets and desired speed. We seek commitment and passion from the senior executive team, confirming your organization’s leaders are ready for powerful transformation. Then together, we embark on a journey that is guaranteed to result in extraordinary and sustainable results.


  • InsightIQ model empowers profound and actionable findings
  • Profit Potential® assessments reveal employee drivers and motivators, and the hidden areas of financial performance improvement
  • Informative benchmarking is enabled by our robust multi-industry database
  • A documented business case identifies financial gaps and opportunities
  • A high-level roadmap is designed to demonstrate the path forward