It is improbable an organization can achieve extraordinary outcomes through incremental changes. Does your company have the time or patience for the incremental? If you want or need extraordinary results, then be prepared for radical transformation.



If you have explored everything imaginable to reduce operating costs and create value, but have not achieved the desired results, Sinclair Group can help. We leverage our robust network of subject experts and their deep real world experience to address your challenges and provide practical and effective solutions.


If your business must change in order to succeed, meet shareholder expectation or remain solvent, Sinclair Group offers Rapid Transformation® excellence for swift and definitive gains. And we build in quick wins early in the transformation implementation process so you can experience an immediate return on investment.


We are passionately committed to your success and employ our structured processes, intellectual property and tenacity to ensure it. Late nights, emergency calls, home visits—we don’t scare easily. Consistently the Sinclair Group has delivered 10X return on investment to our clients and we consider that the bar.


Leveraging the InsightIQmodel throughout assessment, solution design and implementation, Sinclair Group is able to build in best practices for individual and cultural adoption. We also train leadership with a coaching model that is customized for the unique needs and attributes of the organization, ensuring the results we achieve together are significant and sustainable.

Client Testimonials

“The results of our program show a dramatic impact. We have experienced a 75% decrease in frequency of recordable incidents; a step change in safety performance has been achieved.”

Safety, Health & Environmental Manager,
European Chemicals Manufacturer

“With Sinclair Group, we have transformed our manufacturing operations platform into a higher performing organization that delivers significant and sustainable improvements in safety, quality and efficiency. The manufacturing excellence process is helping us to change our various ‘legacy’ cultures into a single company culture.”

Senior Vice President Operations,
Major US Pulp & Paper Corporation

“Without the Sinclair Group Commitment Model our transformation would not have been successful.”

Senior Vice President,
Major US Chemical Corporation