For businesses seeking exponential gains in their working capital, gross margins and bottom line, the people of Sinclair Group are performance management consultants with a track record of delivering extraordinary and sustainable results.

Our balanced, holistic approach brings insights.

Unlike other consultants, Sinclair Group evaluates its clients’ businesses through the lens of our InsightIQ assessment model. We gain a balanced view of both individual intent & organizational culture and individual behavior & operational systems, revealing powerful and actionable insights.

Fresh ideas and a unique perspective to address your challenges.

Through the unique blend of our InsightIQmodel, proprietary processes and experience-based expertise, we are able to change the conversation and shift perspective to generate new ideas for our clients who have done everything they can to optimize their assets and reduce operating expenses.

Profitability, predictability and performance.

Backed by a comprehensive, multi-industry benchmarking database, we have the processes and tools to provide the required structure and discipline to optimize your assets and run your operations more efficiently and safely. Our 5-phase process is proven and repeatable, delivering 10X returns for our clients.

Quick wins, rapid transformation and sustainable results.

We will identify gaps and financial opportunities so clients benefit from quick wins and milestone returns during the engagement. Passionate about achieving Rapid Transformation® excellence and extraordinary outcomes, we will provide the leadership training and implementation support to ensure your results will be sustainable.