Extraordinary Results:

Revealed. Transformed. Sustained.

For over twenty years, we’ve been helping companies to realize possibilities beyond what they ever imagined.

It’s our passion to genuinely seek and reveal significant value creation for our Clients.

We uphold our commitment to the principles of exploring both possibilities and challenges. We continue to ask — what more can we do to help our Clients? Then ask — what changes are required of us to make game-changing transformations a reality for our Clients?

To those who have worked with us before, here’s how we have changed. We’ve structured a transformation methodology and created a comprehensive assessment model — the InsightIQ™ model. This integrated framework is based on our years of walking in your shoes — as owners, operators, and senior leadership — and gives us the credibility to lead your pursuit of a greater possibility to previously unimagined levels of improvement.

To those unfamiliar with our unique approach, we can best explain our success by reiterating the one sentiment our clients have consistently shared with us — “Given the opportunity, Sinclair Group will prove their value.”

Our framework reveals and facilitates powerful breakthroughs for our Clients that yield confidence in our insight, people, approach, outcomes, and most importantly — sustainable results.

We thank you for partnering with us through our initial 20 years. It’s been our honor and reward.

We look forward to serving you for many more successful years to come.

Evolving the Industry. Evolving Sinclair.

  • 1997:

    Sinclair Group is launched

  • 1998:

    First enterprise-wide operational transformation project

  • 1998:

    First M&A transaction due diligence project

  • 2002:

    First licensing of proprietary intellectual property

  • 2003:

    Rapid Transformation® methodology is developed

  • 2006:

    Execution team pool reaches 100 professionals

  • 2006:

    Acceleration of leadership training and coaching solution

  • 2006:

    M&A advisory and implementation for a global enterprise with more than 150 sites

  • 2007:

    Single, largest assessment to date for a Saudi-owned multinational subsidiary

  • 2008:

    Geographic reach expands to Middle East and Latin America

  • 2009:

    First enterprise-wide engagement within downstream refining industry

  • 2010:

    First major engagement with 5th largest state-owned business in China

  • 2013:

    Litigation support services result in billion-dollar potential for major producer

  • 2016:

    InsightIQ™ Model established

  • 2017:

    Sinclair Group launches rebrand

  • 2018:

    Future-Proofing enhances our transformation methodology

  • 2018:

    Process Safety Management and Leadership Excellence offerings improved