Historic Oilfield Technology Series

This series of historic technology moments in oil and gas is from my history class taught periodically at the Petroleum Equipment and Services Association “Oil 101” workshop. The oil and gas industry has a proud history of introducing technologies that have advanced our ability to deliver energy to a growing population around the world.
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You Have the Tools. So Now What?

You’re a leading company in your industry, perhaps operating assets globally. While you have introduced a performance management system (think the “Toyota Way”), which has provided helpful tools and enablers into manufacturing, you find that the financial improvements and cost reductions have not surpassed the effects of inflation. The results you have achieved take far longer than desired. Stakeholders demand greater performance.
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An Ideal Partner to Work Alongside You

We’ve worked in environments like yours. Sinclair Group has experience and solid results in implementing improvement projects simultaneously at multiple, large facilities. Our most recent success stories with NewPage, Georgia-Pacific (GP), and SABIC-IP (formerly GE Plastics) were done in waves including 4 or more site locations at a time. For example, NewPage included 4 integrated mills, GP included 18 large integrated mills in the United States, 12 mills in Europe, and more than 70 global facilities in total. In addition, SABIC-IP included 8 facilities around the globe. We have clients in a multitude of industries including petrochemicals, refining, plastics, pulp and paper, and packaging. Our clients include large and small facilities, as well as new and old equipment.
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