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Profit Potential® Assessment

Sinclair Group believes in the premise that businesses must understand their full Profit Potential® value of their businesses to make effective decisions. We often start the engagement with an assessment to determine the performance gaps, key needs, as well as the financial and performance value at stake. This builds the foundation for developing the right implementation plan with our clients. 

Our assessments are used in projects, due diligence, start-up readiness, performance improvements and general “pulse checks” for any course corrections. We conduct interviews, analyze data and utilize highly experienced practitioners to develop a heatmap and gap-closure plan in which we compare organizational behaviors, processes, procedures and technology to best practices in the target industries.

Our assessment solution includes a combination of assessment methodologies, data-gathering and analysis tools, benchmark databases, reporting and implementation consulting services. The client, in turn, is armed with a series of findings and recommendations, to achieve or exceed their business objectives.

The Approach:

  • Reveals performance improvement and cost reduction opportunities
  • Integrate business processes and operations in pursuit of overall profitability
  • Confirm plans (i.e., acquisition, management course corrections)
  • Optimize labor spend, performance, and commitment
  • Energize a business to reach its full potential
  • Set the course for the next steps to improvement

Once armed with the full financial value at stake, the Profit Potential® assessment provides the roadmap for implementing breakthroughs in change such as those yielded by our Rapid Transformation® services.


For Mergers & Acquisitions:

Sinclair Group offers M&A strategy and execution services. In addition, we feature a scalable, fit-for-purpose due diligence approach that results in a speedy assessment of any manufacturing business or technology.

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Contact assessment practice leader Mary Ahner at mahner@sinclairgroup.com.