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Profit Potential® Assessment

Sinclair Group believes in the premise that businesses must understand their full Profit Potential® of their businesses to make effective decisions.

The assessment solution includes a combination of assessment methodologies, data-gathering and analysis tools, benchmark databases, reporting and implementation consulting services. The client, in turn, is armed with a series of findings and recommendations, to achieve or exceed their business objectives.

The Approach:

  • Reveals performance improvement and cost reduction opportunities
  • Integrate business processes and operations in pursuit of overall profitability
  • Confirm plans (i.e., acquisition, management course corrections)
  • Optimize labor spend, performance, and commitment
  • Energize a business to reach its full potential
  • Set the course for the next steps to improvement

Once armed with the full financial value at stake, the Profit Potential® assessment provides the roadmap for implementation.


For Due Diligence Needs:

Sinclair Group features a scalable, fit-for-purpose due diligence approach that results in a speedy assessment of any manufacturing business or technology.

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Contact assessment practice leader Mary Ahner at mahner@sinclairgroup.com.